Urban Meyer: No chance of a spring college football season


Former Ohio State Urban Meyer said what many are thinking after the Big Ten and Pac-12 announced the postponement of fall sports: The conferences might as well have used the word “canceled” at least for football.

In an interview with the Big Ten Network, Meyer gives college football “no chance” of playing in the spring.

“No chance,” Meyer, an assistant athletics director at Ohio State and FOX Sports college football analyst, said, via 247sports.com. “You can’t ask a player to play two seasons in a calendar year. When I first heard that, I said that. I don’t see that happening, when I hear that. The body, in my very strong opinion, is not made to play two seasons within a calendar year. That’s 2,000 repetitive reps and football’s a physical, tough sport. So I don’t, really don’t, see that happening.”

Star players eligible for the draft would have little reason to play, especially if the NFL keeps its current schedule for the draft.

“We recruited players at Ohio State that have a chance to earn a living and play the game and be rewarded for their great efforts, and you’re going to ask them to play spring football — by the way — and then go miss OTAs and not prepare for a dream to go play in a professional football?” Meyer said. “That’s not fair.”